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Poker Cake
Bring out your bow ties and lucky charm necklaces, because it's poker night!
A 4-layered cake, made with chocolate and red velvet cake, each layer alternating colors, with a white chocolate butter cream filling. 
Who can resist those bow ties?!
Size: 7 1/2" diameter
Price: $45

Chocolate Mocha Cake
A classic 3-layered chocolate cake, frosted with chocolate mocha frosting, covered in chocolate mirror icing, and garnished with chocolate pieces, this cake will satisfy your chocolate cravings.
Size: 6" diameter
Price: $22
Gluten free: $30

Ultimate Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
After many trials, disappointments, and several "that's-still-not-quite-all-there"s, I have finally found the ULTIMATE chocolate mousse recipe. So rich, fluffy, and perfectly smooth, it's a shame to cover it up.
So this cake leaves these delicious layers naked, to show off that decadent mousse.
Size: 4" diameter; Price: $20
Size: 6" diameter; Price: $25
Gluten Free: +$5

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
For those serious chocolate-lovers out there. A Chocolate cake base, with Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Mousse layered on top. Surrounded by a chocolate shell ring for support, covered in a Ganache Mirror Icing, and topped with edible White Chocolate Flowers and Sugar Pearls, it's a chocolate lover's dream come true!
Size: 6" diameter
Price: $30
Gluten Free: $35

Triple Chocolate Marbled Mousse Cake
A spin-off of the original "Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake," this one features a dark chocolate cake base, with marbled milk and white chocolate mousse piled on top, surrounded by a chocolate-shavings ring, with pretty white-chocolate swirls on top!
Size: 6" diameter
Price: $25
Gluten Free: $30

Chocolate Hedgehog Cake
Who can resist the cuteness and charm of  hedgehogs? Made with Chocolate Cake, Frosted with Chocolate Mocha frosting, and covered in sprinkles, this hedgehog cake will charm your guests!
Complete with a "mother" & "Baby" hedgehog, plus a mini-cake (Tell me how the mini cake should look!)
Feeds: Approx. 20
Price: $37
Photo Credit: Dean Opper

Dinosaur Cake
Give your little Dinosaur-lover something to RAWR about!
Chocolate Cake, frosted with rich vanilla icing, and covered in fondant.
Featuring Dinosaurs, rocks, bushes, volcanoes, Dino footprints, and more!
Size: 6" diameter
Price: $30
Gluten free: $35

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