Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hey there!
My name is Emily Winslow, and I love to bake & decorate cakes! I'm trying to create a little side-business of baking cakes, so if you're at all interested in buying one, let me know! If you'd like to design your own custom cake, head on over to the "Custom Cake Pricing" tab, right below the title. You'll probably also notice a "Custom Cupcake Pricing" tab next to it. At the minute, Custom Cupcakes are unavailable(I am willing to make exceptions, however ;) ). I'm still working on getting this whole thing up and running, but custom cupcakes will definitely be coming soon!
Also, if you'd rather go "Old school" and just buy a cake already designed for you, hold on tight! I will be updating this blog with many pre-designed cakes, including their pictures and prices at least once a week, so all you have to do is choose one(good luck!), let me know via email(Go over to my profile(click on my name over to the right), then click "email"), and a cake will be making its way to your tummy pronto!
Or, if you don't need/want a cake right this minute, if you could like/share this blog with your friends, I would greatly appreciate it. :)
Thank you so much for liking, sharing, & ordering cakes!
Stay tuned for more updates and, of course, cakes! =D

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