Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gluten Free Option

Due to great demand, a Gluten Free option is now available for some cakes & cupcakes!

How can I tell if there is a Gluten Free option for a cake/cupcake?
In our cake and cupcake selections, when you look at the pricing for each individual cake, if there is the option of Gluten free, it say so.

How do I order a Gluten Free (cup)cake?
When you email me with your order, simply tell me you want it to be gluten free!

Why do only some (cup)cakes come with a gluten free option?
I am still experimenting with different recipes and batters. I haven't managed to find gluten-free cake recipes for all my (cup)cakes yet, but I will be adding the option when it comes!

Why is there an extra charge for Gluten Free (cup)cakes?
Due to the fact that gluten-free ingredients are generally more expensive and harder to find, there is a small added fee.

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