Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poker Cake!

Bring out your bow ties and lucky charm necklaces, because it's poker night!
A 4-layered cake, made with chocolate and red velvet cake, each layer alternating colors, with a white chocolate butter cream filling. 
Who can resist those bow ties?!

Click on image to enlarge!

Check out "Cake Selections" (Just below the main title) For pricing, and more awesome cakes!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New, Easier, & Simpler!

So here's the scoop:
Due to how complex and confusing the previous method of ordering a cake was, I'm now introducing a new, easier way!

Here's what you do:
Depending on what you want, click on either "Cupcake Selections," or "Cake selections," located above, below the main title.
Now you have your options for general flavors/looks. Choose which you'd like, and email me (, also located in the "About Me" bar, over to the right) with details.

What should be included in the email:
Tell me:
~Which (cup)cake you'd like, and how many
~When you'd like it (please give me at least 3 days from the day you order it to the day you want it!)
~Any details about delivery (Where do you live/where we can meet up to complete it*)
~Any way you'd like to customize the (cup)cake to meet your needs (different colors, different design, different decorations, etc)
~Any and all comments/suggestions are always welcome!

 *Disclaimer: Due to the fact that I do not have a Drivers' license, and thus am relying on those around me to drive me places, deliveries to certain cities may be extremely limited. Sorry!